Vitamin D

When I returned to Cyprus, I guessed that one of the least problems I would encounter would be a vitamin D deficiency. This is because the main source of vitamin D is the sun and our island is rich in the sun’s rays in the heart of the Mediterranean. I think I was wrong. I cannot give a certain rate; however, vitamin D levels are very low in all people who have had a blood test.

Where is Vitamin D Made?

Vitamin D is produced on the skin through ultraviolet light. It becomes active vitamin D by undergoing some processes in the liver and kidney. Vitamin D is also present in some plants, mushrooms, and fish.

What Does Vitamin D Do?

Although its name is vitamin, it is actually a hormone.

It has very important duties in maintaining the calcium and phosphorus balance of the body.

It has positive effects on bone making. Deficiency can cause osteoporosis and orthopedic disorders in children.

It has positive effects on blood, immune system, heart, breast and skin. It is thought that some tumors, especially breast and skin, may regress with vitamin D supplements. We even have evidence that vitamin D deficiency may increase the tendency to diabetes.

How Can I Suspend Vitamin D Deficiency?

If you have weakness, fatigue, a tendency to depression, a feeling of cramping in the body and you think that you are not using solar energy adequately, you should do a blood test.

I take advantage of the sun. Could There Be A Deficiency Also?

With age, the skin’s capacity to produce vitamin D decreases. Therefore, reinforcement may be required despite adequate sunlight at an advanced age. Apart from this, diabetes and some thyroid patients may accompany vitamin D deficiency. Certain medications and diseases such as kidney failure, liver cirrhosis can affect vitamin D levels.

Vitamin D

Why Is There A Vitamin D Deficiency On Our Island?

Since the summer months are very hot, do we prefer to stay indoors except for the days we go to the sea and the pool?

Are we deprived of the sunlight we can get anywhere by car at the distances we can walk?

Do people working in the shift system not see sunlight?

Aren’t we going out again because the weather is sunny but cold and breezy in the winter months?

Foods Containing Vitamin D

How long should I stay in the sun to avoid deficiencies?

Generally, head and forearms with open arms are usually sufficient for 30 minutes daily. Direct contact is required in the open air, as the glass cuts ultraviolet. Sunscreen creams are thought to reduce the level of vitamin D, but as a result, we are not in a position to increase the risk of skin cancer because we will increase our vitamin D. It is the best option to take advantage of the sun during the very intense and especially dangerous hours of summer. Of course, we will apply our sun cream at the seaside.

Vitamin D and Heart

What Is The Treatment?

Drops containing vitamin D, tablets and even needles are available on the market. Any of you can be given according to your vitamin D level and medical history.

Should I buy and use vitamin D from my own head? Can I even get the needles together?

No way. Vitamin D poisoning can be very dangerous and fatal. Your treatment should be arranged by a specialist.

Author: Uzm. Dr. Umut M. Marasuna

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