Specialist Dr. Dua Cebeci

Specialist Dr. Dua Cebeci


I’m Dr.Dua Cebeci 29 .04 .1985 I was born in Prizren, the second largest city in Kosovo. I completed my primary and secondary education in Prizren. After graduating from “Gjon Buzuku” Science High School in 2003, I started my medical education at “Uludag Medical Faculty” in 2004. Between 2010-2011, I worked as a trainee doctor in Katowice, Poland for 6 months with the ERASMUS international student exchange program. After graduating from medical school in 2011, I did a dermatology residency at Istanbul “Haydarpaşa Numune Hospital” between 2012 -2017.  In 2018, after completing my specialty, K.K.T.I started working at Famagusta State Hospital. I am currently working as a dermatologist at Famagusta State Hospital, but also at Cyprus Central Hospital.

I’m married, mother of 2 children. English as Albanian as a foreign language.

Specialty Thesis: Assessment Of Epidemiological And Clinical Characteristics Of Inpatient Patients With The Diagnosis Of Cutaneous Drug Eruption In The Clinic Of Skin And Venereal Diseases Between 2010 And 2016.

Scientific Publications:

Dua Cebeci, Şirin Yaşar ,Pembegül Güneş Malignant melanoma at the hard palate and gingiva: a rare localization. Mucosa.2020, 52-56.

Seide Karasel ,Dua Cebeci.A Case with Palmar Fibromatosis with Four Extremity Fibromatosis: Case Report. Asploro Journal of Biomedical and Clinical Case Reports. 2020, 3. 132-134.

Dua Cebeci, Şirin Yaşar ,Pembegül Güneş. Sema Aytekin.Cutaneous Myopericytoma on the Forehead: A Rare Localization. Indian Journal of Dermatology. 2020, 65. 169.

Dua Cebeci, Şirin Yaşar,Sema Aytekin,Sezen Bostan, Seide Karasel,Pembegül Güneş. Stiff skin syndorme rock-hard skin a report case of two sisters. Int Phys Med Rehab J. 2019;4(5):216‒217

Dua Cebeci, Seide karasel, Sirin Yasar, Gorgun Bayraktaroglu. Tendinous Xanthoma-A Case Report. Dermatol Case Rep 2019, 4:2

Dua Cebeci, Şirin Yaşar, Hüsna Güder, Fatih Göktay, Pembe Gül Güneş, Sema Aytekin. Leukocytoclastic Vasculitis and Renal Cell Carcinoma . 2018; 58(1): 53-55

Seide Karasel, Dua Cebeci,Suzan Yalinkaya. Case report: notalgia paresthetica. Int Phys Med Rehab J. 2019;4(5):210‒211

Şirin Yaşar, Dua Cebeci ,Sema Aytekin , Fatih Göktay, Pembegül Güneş . (2016). Poor response to therapy for bullous pemphigoid lesions located on the hemiplegic half of the body. Global Dermatology. 3. 279-280. 10.15761

Şirin Yaşar, Dua Cebeci, Zeynep Altan, Pembegül Güneş, Sema Aytekin (2018). A rare entity: Keratoderma blenorrhagicum in a patient with Reiter’s syndrome. TURKDERM. 52. 103-105.

Şirin Yaşar, Sema Aytekin , Fatih Göktay, Emre Kaynak,Dua Cebeci(2016). Paediatric Dermatology The tick-detachment using liquid nitrogen in a three-month-old infant.

Şirin Yaşar , Ayşegül Ersanli , Fatih Göktay ,Sema Aytekin,Dua Cebeci, Pembegül Güneş (2016). Partial unilateral lentiginosis is mosaic neurofibromatosis type 1 or not?. The Journal of Dermatology. 44. 10.

Congresses and symposiums:

  1. 10. Dermatology Spring Symposium 2013 ISTANBUL.
  2. XXI. Prof. Dr. A. Lutfü Tat Symposium. 2013 Ankara.
  3. 5. National Dermatological Surgery Days. 2014 Istanbul
  4. 9.Aegean Days Of Dermatology. 2014 Marmaris .
  5. School of skin lymphomas .Bezmialem Foundation Gureba Hospital 2014. Istanbul
  6. 8.Uludag Dermatocosmetology Days 2015.Bursa
  7. DERMATOALLERGIA course portax /2015 / Istanbul
  8. 2. International Dermatology And Cosmetology Congress / 2017 / Istanbul
  9. XXIII. Prof. Dr. A. Lutfü Tat Symposium. 2017 Ankara.
  10. 22nd Balkan Medical Days congress 2019 North CYPRUS

Handouts and posters

  1. Resistant bullous pemphigoid on affected side due to right hemiplegia 10-14/09/2013. Ottoimmun bullous diseases Symposium / Trabzon (Best poster Award)
  2. Cases of venous lacquer of the lip treated with sclerosing agent. 13-17/11/2013 XXI. Prof.Dr.Lutfü Tat Symposium. Ankara
  3. 2 cases showing two different associations with scleroderma buchke. 13-17/11/2013 XXI. Prof.Dr.Lutfü Tat Symposium. Ankara.
  4. Leg ulcer developing in a patient with rheumatoid arthritis 13-17/11/2013 XXI. Prof.Dr.Lutfü Tat Symposium. Ankara.
  5. A Case Of Amiopathic Dermatomyositis That Develops After Breast Carcinoma.13-17/11/2013 XXI. Prof.Dr.Lutfü Tat Symposium. Ankara.
  6. Asymptomatic Papules In The Mouth: Focal Epithelial Hyperplasia 01-04/05/2014 9.Aegean Days Of Dermatology. Marmaris
  7. A Table That Can Be Easily Confused With Alopecia Areata: Two Case Reports With Temporal Triangular Alopecia 01-04/05/2014, 9thAegean Days Of Dermatology. Marmaris
  8. A condition that can be confused with sexual abuse: prepubertal lichen scleroatrophicus, which goes with Genital and extragenital involvement. 19-22 / 2014 XXV. National Congress Of Dermatology.
  9. With psoriasis, down’s Syndrome Association. 19-22 / 2014 XXV. National Congress Of Dermatology.
  10. Lymphangi̇oma circumscriptum of the vulva treated with radiofrequency ablation Europian Academy Of Dermatology And Venerology EADV 11-15/10/2015 Kopenhagen
  11. Extramammary Paget’s Disease Of The Perianal Region .Europian Academy Of Dermatology And Venerology EADV 11-15/10/2015 Kopenhagen
  1. Successful treatment of Dowling-Degos disease using “Kligman’s formula” cream. International Dermatology And Cosmetology Congress .13-18/03/2017. İstanbul.
  2. Erosive adenoma and dermoscopic properties of the breast 9. Dermatology Spring Symposium 17-20/04/2017. Antalya.

Associations I Am A Member Of:

Skin and Venereal Diseases Association of Turkey

  1. K. T.C. Association of skin and Venereal Diseases

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