Rejuvenation Applications


With the effect of gravity and other external factors, wrinkles and sagging begin to appear in our 30s.

Coaxipolar radio frequency application is a feature of Alma Beauty Reform aesthetic equipment and is considered one of the most effective needle-free anti-aging applications.

What is Coaxipolar Radiofrequency?

Patented UniPolar ™ and Coaxipolar ™ technologies use dielectric heating with 40.68 MHz RF frequency and deliver 40.68 million transmissions to the tissue per second. This type of focused and powerful heating makes it possible to deep and effective dermal heating without disturbing the person.

This method, which is preferred in medium and deep wrinkles, increases the collagen synthesis in the skin and ensures the rejuvenation effect to be permanent. REFORM applications used successfully in more than 4,600 clinics around the world; It is completely reliable, efficient and suitable for all skin types (I-VI) as well as thin, sensitive areas.

Non-Surgical Skin Lift

It is very effective in face rejuvenation and skin stretching. It promotes its regeneration by heating the collagen structure, which relaxes in our skin over time, in a controlled manner. A coaxial electrode is used, which transmits to a depth of 6 mm.

Why is it superior to injection anti-aging applications?

Many of the injected applications are applications that need to be repeated continuously and which we can call a kind of rejuvenation makeup. However, since coaxipolar radiofrequency application triggers the skin’s own collagen synthesis, its rejuvenation and antiaging effect is permanent and natural.

It is also an ideal rejuvenation method for people who do not want injections.

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