Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery

The Department of plastic and Reconstructive Surgery includes two major departments: aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. Plastic surgery; plastic surgery operations are included in, while reconstructive surgery; maxillofacial (jaw) surgery, craniofacial (head and face) surgery, micro surgery, hand surgery, accident surgery, Congenital Malformations (defects) surgery, which includes topics such as the treatment of burns.

Plastic surgeon surgery and procedures; originally normal organs and parts of the body is made from tennis. It is often aimed to increase people’s self-confidence and facilitate better re The aim of reconstructive surgery is to reconstruct and restore functions of organs and tissues that have lost their normality due to trauma, cancer, infection or congenital structural disorders.

Some surgeries and interventions can serve both reconstructive and aesthetic harmony purposes. That is received with the cause of cancer of a breast reconstruction after breast removal or reduction with the goal of harmonization of the other up is one of the most common examples of this condition.

Plastic and reconstructive surgery methods, techniques used in the world and our country are developing every day. In our plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department at Cyprus Central Hospital, where we follow all these developments closely, we place great importance on knowing the risks and benefits of all options before your surgery and other interventions. lationships with themselves and their environment.

In plastic and reconstructive surgery, each patient’s problems, expectations, treatment options, risks and outcomes are different. Therefore, in our department, under the guidance of our surgeons, we plan and practice tailor-made treatment according to the patient’s wishes.

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