Physical therapy and rehabilitation

Physical therapy and rehabilitation is a field of medicine that focuses on diagnosis and treatment of structural problems and diseases that develop both inborn and later novelties in the musculoskeletal system. In this context, it includes all approaches to improving one’s quality of life.

The key to success in the Department of physical therapy and rehabilitation is to approach the patient as a whole with more than any other branch of Medicine, and to treat the person not only anatomically but also functionally and socially.

It aims to be independent and interacting with society in self-care activities as a whole, biological, psychological and social.

Cyprus Central Hospital, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Department;

Individual-specific treatment: we evaluate each individual in its own right and apply a physical therapy and rehabilitation program designed for that individual.

Holistic approach: we treat our patients not only by their areas of the patient, but by evaluating the entire musculoskeletal system and other body systems, that is, as a whole.

Functional treatment: we perceive the musculoskeletal system of our patients as a functioning mechanism and aim to make the patient an active individual without functional constraints.

Preventive health: we prepare an exercise program based on preventive health principles so that our patients do not experience the same problems again after treatment.

Cyprus within the scope of these principles in the section of Physical Medicine and rehabilitation Central Hospital; the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the spine, sports injuries, and rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery, neurological diseases, rehabilitation, diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis and other metabolic bone diseases and rheumatic diseases are made.


The new generation training concept consists of a 25-minute fun and effective training program under the supervision of professional fitness coaches, accompanied by the most effective Fitness technology ever developed, called” Miha Bodytec”.

Bodytec for the first time in Turkey for the German to nail” the world’s first 4D pro training with the technology used and are still using equipment conducted one on one training with professional slimming, tightening, eliminate the appearance of cellulite, Nov development, sports performance (speed, power, balance and increase the formation of Nov, injury and strengthening the muscles after surgery, effective elimination of waist and back pain Nov and deficiency posture-poor posture in many areas such as the elimination of it’s extremely easy to get effective results.

Performs 6-hour workouts in 25 minutes…

The system, which has been proven to have an effect through scientific research, performs the exercise and performance training that can normally be done in fitness halls in 6 hours in just 25 minutes.

Bodytec fitness the most effective technology developed so far to nail the German” fit and training protocols that are tailored to the studios in time with expert instructors for one-on-one as just 25 minutes, all the muscles in your body are activated when tiring but enjoyable and fun that is both visible and palpable and measurable results in a short time with an exercise system you can achieve.



What does a high-intensity laser do? High density laser has several major effects on human tissue:

* Painkiller effect

* Circulation enhancing effect

* Anti-inflammatory effect

Oedema-reducing effect

* Tissue regenerative effect

* Novelizing effect

Due to its existing technology, the high intensity laser is capable of revealing these effects in as little as a few minutes and in deep tissue.

During this treatment, which is completely painless, the patient usually feels nothing. Depending on the type of application may be a mild feeling of warmth. The most important thing to note during the application of the method is that the application is done in the right area and in the right way. For this reason, it is important that the application is made by a professional user.

Is there any harm in treatment?

It is necessary for the patient and the user to use protective laser glasses during the application of this treatment method which is completely side-ineffective. The laser beam can damage the cornea when it comes directly to the eye. The device should not be used in the presence of cancer diagnosis. It cannot be applied on clothes and it should not be used on tattoos.

What diseases is it used for?

Spinal Problems

Waist-neck hernias

Back-neck pains

Novartis spasm


Trigger point pains

Joint Problems

Novartis-tendon injuries (acute and chronic))


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