Epilation has become a scientific reality with the rapid development of technology in the last 20 years. Thanks to both painless and effective methods, it is possible to permanently reduce unwanted hair. The main logic of epilation is to protect the skin tissue around it while damaging the hair follicles with special devices. One of the methods with scientifically patented technologies is Drying epilation.

Drying epilation method is a method that permanently dries the hair follicles without damaging the skin and ensures no hair growth. In this method applied with Alma Beauty Remove device, 2 patented technologies are used; GlacialTM and Super Hair RemovalTM technologies. Thanks to these patented technologies, the hair follicles are dried and observed a fast and effective epilation effect, while the skin surface is cooled and damage to the skin is prevented. Besides the method and technology used, one of the important factors in the epilation process is the operation by trained and experienced experts in the field. Trained and experienced specialist should use personal parameters for hair removal after performing skin and hair analysis of the person. It is recommended to enter a minimum of 6 sessions of regular sessions for permanent epilation. The time between sessions is 30 days for the first sessions and up to 60 days for the next sessions depending on the condition of the person and the region.



Before the first interview and Epilation

A person who decides to have an epilation, after researching the reliable institutions that provide this service, gets the first interview appointment and gets information about the process for free, at the same time, he gets the expert opinion about the suitability for epilation.

When a session appointment is made, the hairs in the areas to be epilated the day before the session are shaved with a razor or shaver so that the hair length is less than 5 mm.


During Epilation Process

The gel that strengthens the beam transmission gives a cold feeling when it touches the body. What is generally felt during epilation is the temperature caused by the heating of the hair follicles.

The sensed temperature can be felt as a mild pain in some people, while in others it can be felt more. Since the hair density of the area where hair removal is applied, the dried hair roots increase, the feeling of warmth also increases. Drying epilation method is more painless than other methods thanks to GlacialTM technology.


After Hair Removal

There may be rashes on the epilated area, but they usually disappear within 24 hours. It is very important for people who have epilation to use cream and sunscreen after epilation.

Hot water and direct sunlight should be avoided in the first 24 hours after epilation.

Hairs on the epilated area fall out within 1-3 weeks.