Panoramic Dental X-ray

When talking about dental control, most of us think of an x-ray. There are those who know how traditional radiography works. A typical X-ray process develops as follows: you visit the dentist and gives you a piece of plastic to bite. A technological device then takes a series of radiography images around your mouth. Each picture shows several teeth at a time.

So how does the panoramic x-ray work? The panoramic dental x-ray gives a single image of the entire mouth. This image includes the upper and lower jaws, joints, all teeth, and even the nasal and sinus cavities. Briefly, Panoramic X-Ray creates a kind of flattened image of the mouth so dentists can analyze the entire jaw structure at once.

Why Panoramic Dental X-Ray is Preferred?

The reason why panoramic dental x-ray is so preferred in today’s dentistry is that it fits the whole mouth in a single image, unlike a standard x-ray. Thus, many problems can be easily detected, from problems in the bone structure to gum infection.

How Does Panoramic Dental X-Ray Device Work?

In conventional radiological solutions, x-rays pass through your teeth and are reflected in the film inside your mouth, while in panoramic technology X-Rays pass through the entire mouth to reach the outer film or digital sensor. During this process, which takes only 5-10 seconds on advanced devices, the panoramic x-ray device rotates 180 degrees around your head. During this process, it is recommended to stick the tongue to the upper palate. It is important that the head does not move during the process.


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