Nutrition And Diet

Our Cyprus Central Hospital Nutrition and diet unit provides nutrition and diet services that aim to raise awareness of healthy eating in the community and support the healing process of patients.

Health and illness are shaped into a personal healthy eating lifestyle with the cooperation of Physicians, dieticians and patients.

Nutrition and diet Department of nutrition in the medical treatment of adult diseases (obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, chronic renal failure, digestive system diseases diet therapy in cases etc) are given and the pregnancy-specific weight management diet plan programs are prepared.

After the patient is admitted to the service for our patients in our hospital, the physician, dietician, nurse works as a multi-disciplinary, patient and disease-specific nutrition program is implemented by the dietician in accordance with the physician’s requests. The patient’s nutritional status is monitored and the patient and his / her companion are informed at all dietary stages. If necessary, the patient is discharged and the necessary diet training is given to the patient orally and in writing.

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Cyprus Central Hospital has been in service since 1995 and is currently on its way to becoming a rapidly growing organization with 48 specialist doctors. We have provided services to more than 220 thousand patients from our organization to this day.

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