Neurology is the branch of medicine that deals with anatomy,physiology and diseases of the nervous system.

Neurologists are interested in the treatment of disorders of the brain,spinal cord and surrounding nerves.

The nervous system is a system that plays a role in the administration of the body and is very confused with its structure and functioning. The study of this system, the elucidation of its functions, has been more so in the last century.

The introduction of electroencephalography method, computed tomography of the brain and magnetic resonance device in the field of Medicine has increased the possibilities of early detection and on-site treatment of this science.

Diseases involving the brain, spinal cord and surrounding nerves are areas of interest in the science of Neurology.

Cranial tomography , EEG, EMG, extracranial dopler tests are applied to our patients and the results contributed to the follow-up and treatment of our patients.

EMG (electromyoneurography) examination, which is a dynamic diagnostic method for the diagnosis of painful conditions such as back and neck hernia, is carried out in our Electrophysiology Laboratory.

EEG (electroensaphologography) examination, which is used for differential diagnosis in many diseases of central nervous system, especially epilepsy disease, can also be performed in our Electrophysiology Laboratory.

In addition, headache complaints can be evaluated in neurology outpatient clinics.

Neurology Services:

Treatment of migraine

⇒ Diagnosis and treatment of headaches

Dementia (dementia and forgetfulness))

⇒ Epilepsy

Parkinson’s and movement disorders

⇒ Nervous and novelistic diseases


MS and other demyelinating diseases

Cerebrovascular event (cerebral palsy ))


Uyku dormant EEG

Spinal cord diseases

Mystenia gravis

* Tingling and burning diseases of the hands and feet diseases

⇒ Tremor (tremor)

Diagnosis and treatment of dizziness

Walk  and balance disorders


EEG (child large, sleep alertness)

EMG (kid Big)

VEP (Vizuel Evoked Potential)






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