Internal diseases

Internal Diseases (Internal Medicine)

Diabetes, hypertension, stomach and intestinal system diseases, kidney diseases, cardiovascular diseases, thyroid, osteoporosis and other endocrine diseases, blood diseases, rheumatic diseases, discomfort and many of the system contains a lot of the treatment of diseases of aging, is located within the section of Internal Medicine.

In parallel with the scientific and technological development of Modern medicine, Cyprus Central Hospital Department of Internal Medicine is divided into many branches within itself.

On the other hand, General Internal Medicine patients all over the world and in our country are leading to the right section and recovery. If the patient does not have a known internal medicine sub-branch diagnosis, it is recommended to come to the General Internal Medicine outpatient clinic first. General Internal Medicine Polyclinic is extremely important in terms of the first elimination and orientation towards the related sub-unit.

In this context, the Department of General Internal Medicine plays an important role in directing patients to the branches of internal diseases such as nephrology, gastroenterology, haematology, Endocrinology and rheumatology correctly, collecting and evaluating results from different branches together.

In summary, our hospitals work in a coordinated way with internal medicine minor specialists and General Internal Medicine outpatient clinics and provide comprehensive diagnostic treatment for all of the health problems of adults. Diagnosis and treatment of all non-surgical complaints of adult patient group over the age of 14 in all minor branches are within the scope of the service. This service includes outpatient outpatient clinic examinations, inpatient diagnosis, follow-up and treatment, emergency department services, pre-and post-surgical patient evaluations, consultation services to other branches and check-up programs.

The Internal Medicine Department of our hospital provides solutions to patients ‘ health problems within the framework of multidisciplinary understanding in close cooperation with all branches.

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