Gingival Bleeding

No organ in our body can bleed for no reason. Just as any part of the body cannot bleed on its own for no reason, the gums cannot bleed without reason.

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Do not underestimate the bleeding gums!

Gingival bleeding can be a sign of disease. Gums are one of the important health indicators of our body. Gingival bleeding may be due to dental reasons, but it may also be due to some systemic diseases affecting our body and may even appear as a symptom that determines and shows these diseases. Gums have a very important place in our health. Therefore, it should be checked carefully and meticulously, if gingival bleeding is never neglected and the dentist should be consulted.

Untreated gingival bleeding causes bad breath.

Untreated gingival bleeding causes inflammatory conditions and deepening of the gingiva pockets after a while. With this deepening, the foods slide into the growing pockets and cause accumulation in between. No matter how much these scraps are brushed, they cause bad breath by the smell of food that accumulates.

Untreated gingival bleeding negatively affects dental treatments that may be needed in the long term.

Since the gingival pockets directly touch the jaw bone, the related problem also causes melting on the jaw bone, while resorption may cause the failures of the future prostheses. Accordingly, while the melts in this jawbone leave no place to implant us, at the same time, if a palate prosthesis is required, it will not leave a jaw bone that will keep this prosthesis properly in the mouth.

When these happen, there will be situations that constantly play and disturb us.

One of the main causes of tooth loss is bleeding gums that are not treated.

Loss of teeth is due to bone resorption, it passes to the jaw bone and causes problems in the jaw bone. When the loss of teeth occurs, it is the beginning of our digestive system, which brings with us excess weight gain, along with poorly chewed foods in the mouth, poorly ground foods, gastrointestinal problems.

What is the general treatment method applied in gingival bleeding?

It is essential to prevent gingival bleeding.

Well-brushed, clean, healthy teeth, gingiva and gingival bleeding in the mouth can be prevented.

Patients with bleeding gums are recommended to have a good care first by the dentist. However, if it is deemed necessary by the dentist, detailed x-ray extraction, tooth cleaning and even an in-depth gum treatment can be applied if necessary. Following these, the patient is recommended to brush his teeth 3 times a day.

Gingival bleeding is treated in this way. If gingival bleeding continues after these applications, the patient will need to investigate the presence of systemic diseases. In addition to the diseases diagnosed as a result of the investigation of these systemic diseases, other problems related to blood diseases can be investigated.

Take care of gingival bleeding and consult your dentist for treatment.


Author: Dt. Hasan Aksoy

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