General Surgery

Two general surgeons are employed in the General Surgery Department of Cyprus Central Hospital (Famagusta Medical Center Hospital), one full-time. In addition, our hospital allows general surgeons from outside to use the operating rooms. General Surgery Department provides scientific, safe, quality and continuous service with patient preparation before surgery, 3 active operating room environments equipped with new technologies and patient follow-up service after surgery. With an understanding that gives priority to patient safety, a safe operating environment has been created with expert anesthesiologists and technicians. New version HD laparoscopic camera systems, fast and powerful bipolar vessel sealing and cutting system Ligature, Laser Systems, C-arm X-ray devices are available in our operating rooms. The well-trained operating room nurses and technicians in our hospital have the experience and capacity to assist the surgeons during the surgery.

As part of general surgery, we perform endoscopic (gastroscopy, colonoscopy) diagnosis and treatment, Laparoscopic and open surgeries. In our hospital, stomach, colon, thyroid, and breast cancer all kinds of cancer including laparoscopic and open surgery in the anal region, fistula, fissure, abscess, pilonidal sinus surgery, in addition to the classical technique, laser hemorrhoid surgery. In addition, abdominal hernia operations are performed by open or laparoscopic methods with grafts, including local anesthesia, according to patient indication and preference. Where gallbladder diseases are all realized by laparoscopic method, diagnosis and treatment of diseases belonging to the bile ducts can be applied with ERCP’ile. Laparoscopic operations are performed on stomach hernia, liver cyst hydatid and appendicitis. In addition to tube gastric surgery in Morbid obesity diseases, endoscopically intragastric adjustable gastric balloon is being placed. In addition, varicose veins and arterivenous shunt operations are applied in our hospital.

All of our general surgeon staff constantly attend congress and courses with a renewed understanding of themselves and try to follow all new developments scientifically.

Our hospital cooperates easily with other branches in order to prepare and evaluate patients before surgery. Both anesthesiologist and internal medicine doctors evaluate the patient before surgery. At the time of need, Cardiology Specialists, Endocrinology and chest diseases specialists evaluate patients before surgery and the most appropriate conditions are created for the surgery. Our advanced laboratory and radiology center provides great facilities in terms of diagnosis before surgery and follow-up after the patient.

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Cyprus Central Hospital has been in service since 1995 and is currently on its way to becoming a rapidly growing organization with 48 specialist doctors. We have provided services to more than 220 thousand patients from our organization to this day.

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