Ear Nose Throat Diseases and Head and Neck Surgery

In our hospital, in a modern and comfortable environment, diagnosis and treatment of ear, nose, throat and head and neck are provided with up-to-date technological equipment.

Our patient examination is performed in endovision systems (with endoscopic instruments). After laboratory, radiological tests and audiological tests, we diagnose our patients and offer them appropriate medical and/or surgical treatment options.

Areas where we serve as Otolaryngology, Head and neck surgery;


Acute, chronic ear infections

Dizziness (vertigo) labyrinthitis, vestibular norinitis diseases such as inflammation of the inner ear, meriene disease, diagnosis and treatment maneuvers of BPPV (crystal shift).

Hearing loss

Inserting a ventilation tube into the ear

Tympavosplasty (repair of the eardrum))

Facial paralysis


Allergic Rhinitis

Rhinoplasty (nose surgery)

Acute-chronic sinusitis treatments

Nasal congestion (deviation-nasal flesh (Concha) problems, polyps).


Bedemcik and nasal surgery

Snoring-sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment


Salivary gland diseases

Salivary gland Stones

Head and neck masses in adults and children

Reflux disease

Hoarseness (acute-chronic vocal cord inflammation, polyps, nodules)

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Cyprus Central Hospital has been in service since 1995 and is currently on its way to becoming a rapidly growing organization with 48 specialist doctors. We have provided services to more than 220 thousand patients from our organization to this day.

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