Dr. Mehmet İnan

Dr. Mehmet Inan I was born in Nicosia in 1966. After completing my high school education at Türk Maarif Koleji, I graduated from Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine in 1990. In 1990-1996, I completed General Surgery specialization in Hacettepe University General Surgery Department. After completing his specialization in General Surgery, I returned to Cyprus in 1996 and contributed to the establishment of Famagusta Medical Center Hospital and I am still working in this hospital. With Fulbright scholarship in 2006, I was an observer in Breast-conserving surgery and sentinel lymph node biopsy at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in the United States for 2 months. In addition, I received the Surgery Endoscopy Training at Marmara University for 3 months in 2009 with the contributions of the Turkish Surgical Association. Sclerotherapy in the treatment of varicose veins, Laser therapy in hemorrhoids disease, I attended advanced laparoscopic training courses. I have been working as a part-time lecturer at EMU Faculty of Health Sciences since 2010.

During my employment in Cyprus, I was the chairman of the Association of Self-Employed Physicians for 6 years between 2000 and 2005. I served on the Editorial Board of the Cyprus Turkish Medical Journal, a publication of KTTB that was published in a period of 2 years (2000-2001) and was later suspended. I am still the editor of the Cyprus Journal of Medical Science. Between 2002 and 2004, I undertook the establishment of the Patient Rights Movement and the coordination of this movement. In 2018, I contributed to the updating of the Turkish Cypriot Surgical Association and I am the president.

Articles published in international refereed journals

1-Role of endotoxin and nitric oxide in the pathogenesis of renal failure in obstractive jaundice. British Journal of Surgey 1997, 84, 943 – 947
Dr. Mehmet Inan, Iskender Sayek, Banu Tel, İnci Sahin-Erdemli

2- The Importance of Cyst Fluid Analysis for Differentiation of Pancreatic Cyst Acta Chir Belg , 2008, 108, 350-353

Mehmet Inan, Hasan Besim, Serhat H.Tulay, The result is big

3- Giant symptomatic adrenal cyst in a patient with an ectopic kidney. J can chir, Vol. 52, No 1, février 2009

Mehmet Inan,, Hasan Besim,, Serhat Tulay,, Ibrahim Kobat,

4- Is Manubrium Limited Mini-sternotomy an Alternative for Traditional Full Sternotomy in Cases with Massive Mediastinal (retrosternal) Goiter? A case report Mehmet Inan, Cagin Zaim, Umut Marashuna and Serhat Hakki Tulay Archives of Balkan Medical Journal. 2017: 52: 4


National books or chapters in books

1- Surgery Textbook for Operating Room Nurses and Technicians. May 2016 Okman LTD.


Articles published in national refereed journals

1-Surgical Intensive Care Infections: Hospital Infections Journal 1997,1: 91-96.
Dr. Mehmet Inan, Dr.Met Cakmakci

2-Enterocutaneous Fistulas. Surgical Medicine Bulletin. 1995
, 5,2,81-86 Dr. Mehmet Inan, Dr. Osman Abbasoglu

3-TRNC. Ekinekok Disease and Eradication Program Suggestion in Humans and Animals Cyprus Turkish Medical Journal 2000; 1: 14-19
Dr. Mehmet Inan, Dr. Okan Dağlı, Şengül Soyuöz, Derviş Zorlu, Arkın Akalın, Sertaç Eralp, Tamer Altınoğlu

4-Rare Retroperitoneal Bening Tumor: Femoral Schwannoma
. Cyprus Turkish Medical Journal 2000 1,2,15-17 Mehmet Inan, Dr. Aykut Producer, Dr. Serap K. Uluçay

5- The place of ultrasonography in the diagnosis of acute appendicitis and its comparison with the Alvarado score. National Surgical Journal 2011; 27 (3): 149-153

Mehmet Inan, Serhat Hakki Tulay, Hasan Besim, Jale Karakaya

6- Gallstone ileus: A cause of intestinal obstruction Cumhuriyet Med J 2012; 34: 231-234

Hasan Besim, Mehmet İnan, Koray Baş

7- Portomesenteric venous thrombosis in a young patient with acute abdomen. How should the diagnosis process and treatment planning be? Mehmet İnan, Tansel Sarıoğlu, Serhat Hakkı Tulay National Journal of Surgery.


Papers presented at national scientific meetings and published in the proceedings book

1-Surgical Intensive Care Infections and Risk
Factors.National Surgery Congress, 1994. Dr. Mehmet Inan, Dr. İskender Sayek, Dr.Metin Çamakçı, Dr. Ergün Karaağaoğlu.

2-The role of Endotoxemia in Obstructive Jaundice. National Surgery Congress, 1996
Dr. İskender Sayek, Dr. Mehmet inan, Dr. Banu Tel, Dr. İnci Şahin-Erdemli

3-Treatment of Biliary Stenosis and Injuries. National Surgery Congress, 1996
Dr. Mehmet Inan, Dr. Omer Aran, Dr.Iskender Sayek, Dr.Yilmaz Sanac.
4-Liver Hydatid Cysts Opening to the Biliary Tract. National Surgery Congress, 1996

Dr. Mehmet İnan, Dr. Ömer Aran, Dr. Volkan Kaynakroğlu, Dr. İskender Sayek, Dr.Metin Çakmakçı.
5-Ekinekok Disease Threatening Public Health in Famagusta Region, Economic Loss and Eradication Program Suggestion. Famagusta Symposium 99
Dr. Mehmet Inan, Dr. Okan Dagli, Dr.Sengul Soyuoz,

6- The Place of Ultrasonography in Acute Appendicitis Diagnosis and Comparison with Alvarado Score. National Surgery Congress, 2010 Mehmet Inan, Dr. Serhat Hakkı, Dr. Hasan Besim, Tulay, Dr. Jale Karakayalı

Other publications

1- Technology in Medicine EMU School of Technology and Technology Seminar 2005. Dr. Mehmet Inan

2- Health Problems and the View of Health Organizations KTTB 14 March Medical Activities Panel 2005, Dr. Mehmet Inan

3- What Should Include Reform in the Field of Health? International Health and Hospital Management Congress. 2007. Dr. Mehmet Inan

4- Patient Rights Handbook. Patient Rights Movement, July 2003. Mehmet İnan, Cemal Mert, İsmet Ezel, Ercan Saymen, Taner Arcan, Petek Yahyaoğlu.

 Scientific and Professional Organizations Memberships

  • Turkish Surgical Association
  • European Asosiation for Endoscopic Surgery
  • Clinical Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition Association
  • Cyprus Turkish Surgical Association

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