Cosmetic Applications


Before Permanent Makeup Application

Free pre-intervıews available. In this interview, the person’s expectations and whether they can be applied are discussed and a decision is made for the permanent makeup phase.

During The Application Of Permanent Makeup

Preparation: the preliminary preparation is done just before the permanent makeup process is done. If more than one area is to be made in the same day, it starts from the area that the person wants and cares for first. For example, if eyebrow contour is to be done with nano hair technique, eyebrow design starts with. Eyebrows are removed and the design is made with an erasable pencil. At the same time, the color to be used is decided and the pigment is prepared.

Permanent makeup process: the application of permanent makeup begins with the pigment chosen according to the design. In the application made with Nano bristle technique, more natural and deeper views are obtained. After the permanent makeup process is completed, a special cream is applied to the application area.

The same steps are applied for Eyeliner and lips in permanent makeup applications.

After Applying Permanent Makeup

The application area should not touch water for 2 days after permanent makeup. Activities such as swimming pool, sauna, Turkish bath should also be avoided. In addition, it should be well protected from the sun and the application area should be moistened continuously. The permanence of permanent makeup varies according to the metabolism of the applied person, the climate in which they live and many other factors, lasting between 6 months and 2 years.


Permanent makeup is the art of putting color under the skin with special tools and dyes. Permanent makeup, also known as micropigmentation and considered a form of tattoo, is a complete time saver for women because it saves them from all-day makeup.

The main thing about permanent makeup is that the expert is well trained and experienced, and the dye used is healthy. Although it has been known for many years its permanence on the skin, it should not be confused with tattooing. Permanent makeup is used in many areas, some of which are lip contouring, eyeliner, permanent brow and hair simulation.

German amiea products are used in all our branches for permanent makeup. Especially organic paint series and permanent makeup devices are a very high quality brand. Needle cartridges used in the process also have skate “membrane” technology.


Eyebrow Contour

Eyebrow contour is applied by injecting pigments under the skin like other permanent makeup applications. After this application, natural-looking eyebrows are achieved.

It is an easy application for a permanent makeup expert to do eyebrow contouring, but of course it is important to trust a trained and experienced expert. The color used in eyebrow contours should be compatible with the skin and should be herbal based.

Permanent makeup is one of the factors that affects the result. The German amiea brand is recognized as the highest quality brand in the world and in Turkey in the field of permanent makeup.

Nano Bristle Technique


Microblading Application

The difference between Microblading application and permanent makeup is that it is not done with the device. This is done by placing horizontal (flat) needles on the tip of a special pen, opening clefts in the skin and injecting dye into these areas.

Microblading application with powder and shading technique can not be used, eyebrow is done only with hair technique. Eyebrow and lip contour, permanent eyeliner, microblading applications can not be done with microblading.

The demand for this method is increasing every day because it provides a natural and aesthetic appearance.

Lip Contour

For those who want to get rid of lipstick every day, the application of lip contour with permanent makeup is life-saving. In lip contour application, dye is injected under the skin.

The important point in the application of this process is the good design of the lip environment. It is important that the frame is smooth and aesthetic, and it is possible to make the lip look larger with this method.

How Is Permanent Lip Contouring Done?

According to the person’s face shape, the lip template is removed and drawn.

Color is selected for lip contour. Usually red and shades are preferred, of course this can vary according to hair and skin color.

A special 3-header needle (3-outline) is prepared to be used, this needle is designed for lip contour. This needle is applied with the lip contour process.

After application, the creams recommended by the expert are used. Maximum care should be given to the area where the application is made.

The healing time in lip contours is 1 Week on average, and its permanence varies according to the person but is 1-2 years.

Eyeliner Application

Eyeliner is one of the most used cosmetics in daily makeup, as well as a difficult type of makeup. The application of eyeliner with permanent makeup is to inject paint into the area above the eye. This application, which is preferred because of its aesthetic, also makes the eye look larger.

There are issues to be considered because the area to be applied is very close to the eye. It is very important that the environment is sterile and healthy. As with other applications, plant-based paint and patented cartridges should be used for permanent eyeliner.

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