Child Health and Diseases

Cyprus Central Hospital provides medical services to children between 0-18 years of age with a staff of physicians who are specialized in both health control and diagnosis and treatment.

In our hospital, babies who are monitored from pre – natal intrauterine life (mother’s womb) are monitored with regular monthly checkups after birth and their mental-motor development and nutrition are closely monitored.

After birth, babies are followed by mothers for breastfeeding under the supervision of our nurses for 24 hours and under the control of our specialist pediatricians are discharged with routine checks and examinations to be done within the first 72 hours after birth.

In our newborn unit in our hospital, care is provided to preterm birth, multiple pregnancy, diabetic mother baby, large baby, baby who swallowed meconium in mother’s womb, difficult birth baby, newborn screening tests, phototherapy treatments for yellow babies are successfully applied.

All necessary services are provided for the diagnosis and treatment of our children with various disease complaints in our outpatient clinics that serve within the scope of our hospital. It is working with our biochemistry, microbiology and radiology laboratories in coordination to finalize the diagnoses.

Children in our outpatient clinic, children’s services and our newborn in our unit and routing in situations where further investigation is required, which is followed for our patients dental units Child Health and disease specialist contact with patients by our doctors, Cardiology, allergy, immunology, pulmonology, neonatoloji, Endocrinology, neurology, internal pediatric and surgical units and other directing.

For our patients who need inpatient treatment, we have inpatient children’s services, which are served by our compassionate, experienced pediatric nurses and medical staff.

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Cyprus Central Hospital has been in service since 1995 and is currently on its way to becoming a rapidly growing organization with 48 specialist doctors. We have provided services to more than 220 thousand patients from our organization to this day.

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